Food is an indispensable segment of the place’s culture. During your stay here, you will come across a good number of restaurants and food courts, all of them serving a delectable range of cuisines such as soto banjar, apam, creamy bingka, ketupat kandangan and klepon buntut. If you visit here during the Islamic lunar month of Ramadan, then delicacies such as amparan tatak (banana pudding) and bingka barandam should not be missed. Likewise, be sure to savour its Banjarese tea, no matter what time of the year you visit the place. To enjoy local cuisine, perhaps the best option is to go eateries dotted throughout the city’s small streets. Among the restaurants, try Yana Yani and Lima Rasa whose specialty is fried duck. Additionally, Banjarmasin also has a couple of choices to cater to international tourists in the form of KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts and Pizza Hut. Above all, the city boasts an agro tourism area, namely, Mek Farm, from where you can taste a variety of tropical fruits like avocado, delicious Kalimantan local mango and durian.